Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In & Out


- Christmas! I feel so festive around this time of year. I decorated the tree all by myself and just finished making gingerbread cookies for the children I babysit for.

- Tea. I've never been a tea person, but lately its just so cozy to be snuggled up under a blanket with a book and a warm cup of tea. The fact that its good for you is just an added bonus :)

- Being healthy. I've been trying to eat healthier since Thanksgiving left me feeling so lethargic. But I love cooking and I certainly love feeling healthy, so I've been coming up with healthy recipes to fight off that dreaded holiday weight gain.

- Glowy makeup. I watched MakeUpByTiffanyD's youtube tutorial on this years Victoria's Secret fashion show and have been recreating that look almost everyday since she posted it!

- Candles. I am absolutely in love with the large candles from Bath & Body. My favorites are seasonal - boo! The two I love are called Leaves and Winter Candy Apple. I am constantly burning one of these.


- Friends that disappoint. Pretty self explanatory.

- Stress. Holiday stress, school stress, work stress. It's all a big OUT.


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