Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pick of the Day

I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite beauty bloggers--shakespeareandstilettos

I have been following her for a short while and can honestly say that I look forward to seeing her new posts in my dashboard. Aside from being a wonderful writer, she posts some great reviews and beautiful FOTD's. In addition to all she provides to the blogging world, she's also having a fantastic giveaway that ends today!
Take a look at her blog and you'll see what I'm raving about!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Giveaway

Hey ladies,

One of my favorite new bloggers is having an awesome Christmas giveaway! Check out her blog...I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do! I Heart Cosmetics


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lipstick Rules

One of my favorite bloggers, Lipstick Rules, is having a Reader Appreciation Contest! Michelle is such an incredible writer and has some incredible reviews. She's also a mommy and a makeup obsessive (as we all are!). Be sure to check out her blog--I dare you not to love and follow her!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


So ladies..

I have jumped on the matte bandwagon. I've been wanting to find the OPI or Essie matte finish polishes, but I just have not been able to get my hands on them. As I was perusing the mall today, I wandered into a terrible, tacky shoe store...that just happened to have a wall of makeup and nail polish. I picked up a few things, including this black matte polish by L.A. Girls. I had never heard of them, but for $2, you really can't go wrong! I decided to make the tips glossy, a la Kim Kardashian. I think it came out well. What about you?


Friday, September 25, 2009

Uh oh...

I did it again...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Someone's having a giveaway....

Check out . She is adorable and has some great hauls! She is having her very first give away. Take a look!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maybelline Pulse Perfection

I recently tried Maybelline's Pulse Perfection mascara and had high hopes for it. It is likened to the Lancome Oscillation but without the hefty price tag. While at $15, it is expensive for a drugstore mascara, it is far less than the $34 you'd have to shell out for Lancome. I have been interested in trying Oscillation for quite a while and thought if Pulse Perfection was any good, I'd try out the more expensive version. I usually like my mascaras as black as I can get them, so I opted for Blackest Black.

The Maybelline website says:
It’s our first vibrating mascara. Transforms your lashes to perfection.
  • Patent-pending elastomer brush vibrates 7,000 times per stroke
  • Provides clump-free definition, intense color, and shine
  • Waterproof; also available in washable formula
  • Builds lash volume, length, and adds curl
  • Buildable formula
  • Ideal for All Skin Types
  • Contact lens safe

My thoughts on this product were not as glittering as their own review. I really wanted to love it--I even prepared myself before buying with plenty of reviews. While it did lengthen my lashes, it made them clump together and look spidery. Not an attractive look. It had a very wet formulation that took ages to dry. I tried applying it by way of the directions from the Maybelline website and I tried different tips from bloggers and youtubers. Unfortunately nothing worked for me. In fact, the reason I don't have pictures of my own tube is because I went back to the drugstore and returned it within the day. A product must really stink for me to run back to return it. If this is anything like Lancome Oscillation, I'd rather save my money.

Monday, August 17, 2009

London Calling...

My brother just got back from a little vacation to Paris and London visiting family. Before I wished him bon voyage, I made a little list of goodies I wanted. Being a man, he forgot some bits and complained about the male shop assistant in Superdrug giving him the eye while he perused the makeup aisles. But big brother did come through for me!

Barry M Dazzle Dusts: 51 (Mushroom), 03 (Pink/Gold), 39 (Tan), 89 (Oyster Grey), 98 (Petrol Black), 88 (Winter Berry)
Barry M Lip Paint: 101 (Marshmellow)

They are lovely and so pigmented! The swatches below are with NO base. I was quite impressed with how easily they blend into one another and into other shadows.

One of my cousins sent me a little gift over from London as she knows how much I love makeup. She sent me a YSL Rouge Volupte in #2 (I'm not sure of the name). Funnily enough, it was something I had spotted at a counter recently, but I couldn't justify the price tag. I also got some lovely smelling candles (thanks Natty!).

Above: YSL Rouge Volupte #2
Below: Barry M Lip Paint 101

I also got a couple of Nail Paints in Navy and Grey. They are both lovely fall colors and I can't wait to try them out.

Fancy Days

I went to a friends wedding this weekend and thought I'd share a photo of what I wore and how I did my makeup. I don't remember the exact products used, but its a pretty simple look. I also did a friends hair and makeup but I haven't gotten her photos yet. This photo is after a few glasses of wine, so don't mind the odd glow!



This is actually from a few days ago, but my nails are still holding up pretty well.

Essie's Berry Hard

Friday, July 31, 2009

Mineral Makeup

In the past, I used Bare Minerals foundation--it was the only mineral makeup I had ever tried and I loved the effect it gave my skin. It never left my skin with an unnatural caked-in-foundation appearance and I was amazed that mineral foundation could give me such a great coverage. My only gripe was their color selection. I was between Fair and Fairly Light but found that they both had yellow undertones, while my skin has pink undertones. The yellow made me look a bit sickly, but I usually corrected the situation with blush and bronzer (which I always hate having to do).

That wasn't the biggest problem with it or the reason that I ultimately stopped using it. After a while, I realized that my skin started to itch. I hadn't really noticed it before because my skin usually felt itchy (dryness, yuck!). It was only when I started using a liquid foundation that I noticed the itching stopped. It got to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore, so I tossed out everything I had from that line--including the ridiculously scratchy brushes.

Because of this, I haven't been too keen on using mineral foundations, blushes...anything. Recently, though, I have been remembering the lovely luminous effect my skin had then and I want it again. The Bare Minerals fiasco, as I like to call it, scared me from trying similar products. So my question to you is, which mineral makeup brands do you favor? I'd love to hear your recommendations as I trust the judgement of this community!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mini Rant

I am not usually that disappointed with products I purchase because, generally, I research them before I get them. Most recently, I regret Revlon's Tropical Temptation nail polish. It has been on everyone's must have list for this summer and has gotten rave reviews. It is a gorgeous coral color that really pops on the nails. After it dried during my initial application, I noticed dozens of tiny air bubbles in the lacquer itself. I attributed it to my being anxious and not giving each coat enough time to dry. I tried a second time and got the same result. Yesterday I thought I would give it one last try. After each individual coat (a base coast, two coats of color, and a top coat) I waited almost fifteen minutes for it to dry. It took nearly an hour-I really wanted to beat those air bubbles! At first, I felt victorious as I didn't see any of the all too familiar bubbles. It was only about twenty minutes after I had finished that I looked down to check the state of my nails that I noticed the bubbles had returned.

I have never had a problem like this before and I do my nails twice a week. Since I have tried multiple times and multiple ways, I can now blame it on the polish itself. Has anyone else had this problem?


Estee Lauder

For as long as I can remember, my mom has been an Estee Lauder fan. While some people dislike the dated packaging, it feels normal and comfortable to me. Rifling through her makeup collection as a child, I recognized the difference between its quality and that of its lower end counterparts. Nobody can dispute that Estee Lauder makes some high quality makeup. I have a little collection of it, myself. I've only recently started using some products from their skin care range. I still don't use anything but drugstore cleanser (I just can't justify spending loads on something that I can get for so much cheaper which gives me the same result). I also still use my Lancome Bi-Facil eye makeup remover, but recently I have started with Estee Lauder's Take It Away Total Makeup Remover.

The product details: Quickly and gently removes all makeup, even long-wear or waterproof formulas. Unique water-based creme-gel refreshes you with a crisp herbal citrus scent. Rinses away easily and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth with no greasy afterfeel or oily residue. 6.7 oz $22 USD
It removes every bit of makeup from your face. That was the main draw for me--not having to use a separate remover or extra cleanser for my face. I need about five pumps or so to cover my entire face and I just apply it to dry skin and massage. It melts the makeup off your face and since it is water based, it doesn't leave you feeling oily or heavy. I must warn anybody that is sensitive to scents, though, that this product is extremely fragrant. It is citrusy, as Estee Lauder promises, but the first time I applied it I felt like I had been kicked in the face with a lemon. After the initial shock, it didn't bother me. This is still only the first step in any skincare regime. I follow, usually, with a cream based cleanser (as my skin is so dry). After washing my face, I use Estee Lauder's Perfectly Clean Fresh Balancing Lotion.

Product details: This revitalizing toning lotion conditions and rebalances skin, leaving it feeling fresh, smooth. Primes skin to achieve maximum results from the skincare that follows.6.7 oz $19.50 USD

This was made for normal/combination skin and, as we all know, my skin is terribly dry. It was actually my mom's but
since she decided she wouldn't use it after she bought it, it was kindly donated to me. While I'm sure the dry skin
formulation would work better, this one leaves my skin feeling pretty hydrated. It removes any additional scraps of makeup that I may have missed and leaves my skin feeling balanced and radiant. It also has a pretty strong scent, but it smells more like fresh laundry rather than citrus. The bottle is quite large so it should last me a while. After toning, I follow with my all-time favorite moisturizer- Philosophy's Hope in a Jar for sensitive skin. Let me know if you'd like to learn more about it!

All in all, Estee Lauder's skin care range is definitely worth looking into. Hopefully I'll get to try out more of it soon. It has something for everyone, just keep in mind the heavy scent.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Holy Grail Status

I first came across Lancome's Bi-Facil makeup remover whilst rummaging through my mothers makeup cabinet (I know, I'm terrible!). In all fairness, she insisted I take it! I have been using it for years now and it is, by far, the most incredible makeup remover I have ever tried.

Lancome describes it as: Double-phase, fresh-as-water liquid eye makeup remover. Activates when shaken to gently whisk away even waterproof eye makeup, while conditioning and refreshing the skin. Ideal for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. Leaves eyes feeling cool and relaxed, with no oily residue. Ophthalmologist-Tested For Safety.
It has a water layer and a lipid layer that, when mixed together, activate to remove eye makeup safely and gently. It is ideal for sensitive skin and for those who wear contacts. I have sensitive dry skin, so it works for me perfectly. It doesn't leave me feeling dry or tight around the eyes like some removers do. It actually leaves a comfortable, cool feel behind. It removes every last stitch of mascara and eyeliner, even waterproof, without any harsh tugging at the eye area.

It retails at a steep $26 US for a 4.2 oz bottle. Despite that, I feel it is worth every penny because of the payoff. One bottle lasts me quite a long time because you don't need too much to get the job done. I definitely recommend this product!


Sunday, July 12, 2009


My good friend Vars let me play around with her hair and makeup the other night. I wanted to keep things soft and pretty. She is a gorgeous girl with or without makeup, but I'm glad she let me have a little fun! (She has already reserved me to do her wedding day makeup---whenever that is! haha)
For styling her hair, I used a regular curling iron the way you would use a conical iron. I believe it was a one inch iron, and I just wrapped the hair around the iron for a few seconds. I think used some Frederic Fekkai Wave Creating Spray to boost what we created. Nothing more than that..and the waves lasted well into the next night.

Whenever Vars comes around the house, I play makeup artist..hopefully, with her permission, I'll do a few more posts like this! Anything you'd like to see on her?


Friday, July 10, 2009

20 Questions

I thought I'd join in on the tag everyone has been doing! I tag anyone that wants to do it.

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without?

My cell phone for sure. I almost never forget it, but on the off chance that I do, I feel disconnected from the world. Pretty sad that I feel the need to be in constant contact with people-- even though most of the time, I can't be bothered to call anyone.
2. Favorite Brand of Makeup?
Probably MAC. It is what I own most of, anyhow. I am getting more into Estee Lauder at the minute, though.
3.Favorite Flower?
100% peonies. They are just lush and smell divine.
4.Favourite Clothing Store?
It really depends what I'm looking for and what season it is. I frequent Ann Taylor Loft and Banana Republic.
5.Favourite Perfume?
Flora by Gucci and anything Chanel
6.Heels or Flats?
I usually wear flats because they are more convenient, but I definitely prefer heels.
7.Do you make Good Grades?
I've always been quite a good student. I usually get A's without much effort.
8.Favourite colours
Deep bordeaux red
9.Do you drink energy drinks?
Nope. I've never really enjoyed them. They are filled with sugar and leave something to be desired in their taste.
10. Do you drink juice?
Not very often. I really just drink water.
11.Do you like swimming?
I do! I have a pool but rarely swim on my own. I enjoy splashing around with friends.
12. Do you eat fries with a fork?
Not at all. Fries are really more of a finger food.
13. Favourite Moisturiser?
Philosophy Hope in A Jar for sensitive skin. It is a life saver.
14.Do you want to get married later on in life?
Eventually, but not for quite a while.
15. Do you get mad easily?
Not usually. I do occasionally with my sister, but that is because we are so close that when we do fight, its big.
16.Are you into ghost hunting?
haha...I enjoy watching Haunted on TLC, but thats the extent of my ghost hunting.
17. Any Phobias?
Bugs bother me, but they aren't a phobia.
18.Do you bite your nails?
Never have. Never will.
19.Have you ever had a near death experience?
Wayyy too many. But I'm still here :)
20. Do you drink Coffee?
Only occasionally. Usually only when I have to stay up. I really just drink water.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mmmm...the salt in the air

This is me at the beach this past weekend. Its just like me to forget my bathing suit. But at least I got to paddle around!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Entry for Mizz Worthy's Contest

For my entry to Mizz Worthy's myths/legends contest, I chose the myth of the Furies. Three goddesses of vengeance: Tisiphone (avenger of murder), Megaera (the jealous) and Alecto (constant anger). They were also called the Daughters of the Night, but were actally the daughters of Uranus and Gaea. Without mercy, the Furies would punish all crime including the breaking of rules considering all aspects of society. They would strike the offenders with madness and never stopped following criminals. The worst of all crimes were patricide or matricide, and first and foremost, the Furies would punish this kind of crime.

I felt like they would be feminine but with a hard edge to them. Very natural, big hair. Pale, dewy skin. Emphasis on the eyes, as they are the window to the soul. I wanted to keep them dramatic and dark without using too much black. I like the warm pewter color that developed as it reflected the cold look in the eyes I was looking to achieve. Hope you all like it!

Products used:

Eyes: (all MAC unless otherwise noted)

  • Maid of Honor e/s
  • Rondelle e/s
  • Knight e/s
  • Trax e/s
  • Carbon e/s
  • Pink Slip e/s
  • Wedge e/s
  • Sketch e/s
  • GraphBlack Technakohl liner
  • CG Lashblast
  • MAC Studio Sculpt foundation
  • Just a Pinch gel blush
  • Blot Powder
  • Burt's Bees Pomegranate chapstick
  • Just a Pinch gel blush

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I went out for coffee with a friend last night. Just thought I'd share. Three posts in one day...phew!


This is actually from a few days ago, but I wanted to throw it in anyway. Some friends and I went to a hookah bar to have some fun and relax.

MAC All That Glitters
MAC Shroom
MAC Sable
Sephora Black Liquid Liner
Covergirl Last Blast


I was feeling lethargic the other day so I headed to CVS for a pick-me-up. I picked up the much talked about Revlon nail polish in Tropical Temptation. It's a lovely coral color--perfect for summer. I don't have anything like it in my collection.

I also found the famed Rimmel Airy Fairy lipstick. It is a soft pinky nude, more pink than nude, but very complimentary. Definitely good purchases. My skin was feeling a bit blah so I got a mask for dry skin (I've already used half of it!). It is soothing and chocolatey smelling. I'm not sure of the name as I ripped the top of the package off and threw it away, but it was around $1 and left my skin incredibly smooth and hydrated. I had heard good things about the Veet hair removal cream so I thought I'd give it a go. It is supposed to leave you with incredibly smooth skin and should last longer than shaving. I have only tried it once and I must say that I am not a fan. I do want to try it again before I come up with a verdict. I'll put up a review when I make up my mind.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Colour Craft

I haven't been too excited about the recent collections MAC has released. I keep looking back to just last year at collections I missed out on because I was still a relative newbie to the brand. Previously, my makeup collection consisted of more Estee Lauder, Lancome, Benefit.. brands my mother got me into. I would even venture to say that I hated MAC as a teenager. I always felt like it was too gimmicky. Having come full circle now, I must say I am tickled at the thought of Colour Craft.

I'm hoping to pick up the mineralized quads in Eccentricity and Odd Bits, MSFs in Cheeky Bronze and Porcelain Pink, the lipstick in Colour Crafted, and the 109 and 226 brushes. Granted, these are the ones that I'm almost absolutely positive will end up coming home with me. I can't wait to check out this collection in person!

USA Launch: July 9

What are you planning to pick up?



As I was looking through some fellow bloggers CCO posts, it occurred to me-- quite frankly, my CCO sucks. I paid them a visit last month and was left unimpressed. It is nearly an hour away, the store is essentially the size of my bedroom, and is stocked with the most random products. I consider myself to be a MAC girl above all else, but their selection was painfully limited. Of the products they did have (almost no LE or brushes), all the colors stocked were way too wild. From crazy bright oranges to dramatic brown-reds, their lipsticks nearly sent me running for the hills (ditto for the glosses). They had a few mineralized blushes which are still in stores, so I wasn't sold on them. I was looking for more original products that I can't pick up anymore. There were a few bright colored eyeliners that didn't strike me. For eyes there were a couple of pigments, metal x shadows, and some boring eye shadows. No foundations, powders, MSFs, bronzers...nada. The only purchases I made were a pigment in Gold Stroke (a bronzey gold) and a lipstick in Ahoy There! (a pretty sheer baby pink- the only pink they had). Hey, at least I got something.

Where is a girl supposed to get her NeoSciFi/Moonbathe/Naughty Nauticals fix?
You lucky ladies have me jealous!


Friday, June 26, 2009



I tried to keep relatively mum on the meetings I was going on the past few days but now that I have finished the last of them I can proudly say..

I got the internship!!

I'll be working on the production side of a popular music venue in Hollywood. I'm very excited that I got it (and right off the bat, too!). Funnily enough, the woman I was interviewing with had some people left to see but asked if I wanted to keep one of them as MY intern. haha

Sometimes life makes up for a lot of the bad.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I've been a bad girl

Lets take a look at my recent purchases. First comes makeup!

I picked up a new Blot Powder since mine finished so quickly. It really is a lovely product though--zaps shine without adding any noticeable color. I also love that it doesn't make my face look cakey as I reapply. I got my first Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks which I love. Its a baby pink with blue/purple glitter in it. I got a couple of the NYC sliders that recently came out. They give subtle color and stay on the lips for a decent amount of time. My favorite part, though, is the flavor. They are very sweet and smell like cotton candy! I finally got the Refined MSF even though the MA from my previous post almost put me off from getting it. It really is pretty, though. It gives a great peachy sheen to the cheeks. I also picked up some individual lashes (nothing special, but I use them on the ends of my eyes to get a Twiggy effect). The unmarked container is a sample of the Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer. While I don't use it for tattoos, it is great for concealing under-eye circles. You can only imagine how heavy duty it is if they use it to cover tats.

I got my first MAC eyeshadow palette and filled it with the colors I reach for most frequently. As I had a back2mac, I also picked up Cranberry e/s as I have been wanting it for so long. It is a beautiful warm cranberry that I have been using nonstop since I got it. The shadows in the palette are listed as follows:
Front Row: Shroom, All That Glitters, Wedge, Slip Pink, Girlie
Middle Row: Cranberry, Satin Taupe, Sable, Antiqued, Mulch
Last Row: Shale, Trax, Star Violet, Sketch, Carbon

I also picked up the MAC Just A Pinch gel blush from the Rose Romance collection. I love it. You only need a small amount to get a rosey glow and it is very buildable. I wanted to try the Maybelline Lash Stiletto so I picked that up too. Two coats of this stuff creates beautiful length and considerable thickness. I needed a new liquid liner because mine dried out and I have been dying to add clean, perfect flicks to my eyeliner. I got the Sephora brand liquid liner in black. It works really well for me. I'm by no means new to liquid liners, so I have a lot of control while working with it.

Two new perfumes I picked up are Victorias Secret Sexy Little Things Noir and Dejarose from the Rose Romance collection. Dejarose is a true rose scent and I love anything and everything that smells like roses. SLT Noir is a much deeper fruity/floral. It really does come across as a very sexy scent.

Next up were some accessories from H & M. I got this headband which actually looks quite scary before you put it on (it has massive teeth that grab your hair) but it gives incredible volume in the crown. Helen from HeleSays blogged about the exact same product and loved it.

I also picked up this dainty little bow headband ( I love bows!).

I also got this adorable bow necklace (did I mention I love bows?). Look at the cute detail at the closure!

Last but not least, I spotted this oversized black clutch with patent detailing from White House Black Market. I believe it was originally $60 but was marked down to$20. Great find!

What have you girls gotten lately?



I finally have my camera back (yay!) and I thought I'd give you some updates. Pardon the poor quality of the pictures..I'm still getting used to this. I'll start off with my first official Outfit/Face of the Day:

I had a meeting this morning in Hollywood with the head of a music venue. Since I didn't want to wear a traditional suit (which is often seen as dowdy in this industry), I opted for a dark, straight leg jean (one of my recent purchases from Express). I topped it off with a blue cotton v-neck, white blazer and black pumps. Its a simple look that fits in with the venue I was meeting with.

Products used:
Face- MAC Moistureblend Foundation in NC20
MAC Blot Powder in Medium Dark
MAC MSF Refined
MAC Tippy Blush

Eyes- UDPP
MAC Shroom e/s
MAC Sable e/s
Sephora brand liquid eyeliner in black
Covergirl Lashblast

Lips: MAC TLC in Pink Fish

What do you think? I have another meeting with the same venue on Friday. Hmmm...what to wear....


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


While I haven't been tagged, I thought I'd join in on the fun!

What's your favourite make up look?
I am most partial to natural looks. Beautiful flushed cheeks, pinky lips and long curly lashes are all I need to feel put together and pretty. I have, though, recently added a little bit of winged eyeliner to this look. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it.

Do you have a beauty vice?
I would have to say my nails. I redo them every time they chip. I can't stand to have untidy nails. I also am crazy about lip balms. I have quite dry lips naturally so I try to keep them hydrated.

What part of your body do you love?
I quite like my cheekbones (thanks mom). While my skin isn't perfect, I only get the occasional breakout. I get quite a lot of compliments on it usually, so I like my skin quite a bit.

Who is your beauty icon?
Audrey Hepburn and my mother. Audrey because she is graceful, innocent and sexy. My mom because she is strong and effortless. She wears almost no makeup and is still as beautiful now as she ever was.

What beauty product makes you feel instantly sexy?
Mascara. My eyelashes are usually very straight and thin. Mascara thickens, curls and lengthens--instantly framing my eyes which are the most expressive part of the face.

How do you look after your skin?
I'm sure I could be better about it. I cleanse twice daily with a myriad of different products. After I get sick of something, I switch it up which is why I have so many cleansers on my counter. I tone when I can be bothered. I do, though, religiously moisturize with Philosophy's Hope in A Jar for sensitive skin. I have very very VERY dry skin and this is the only product I have found that rids me of the itchy, dry feeling and the yucky flakes that go along with it.

What is your signature scent?
I don't have a signature scent. I am a perfume lover but my sister is unfortunately allergic to most perfumes (or so she says) and since we live in the same house, I am not usually allowed to wear any. It is most unfortunate for me, because I have acquired a small collection and I stopped purchasing new ones because they just sit on my dresser. But I love florals for spring and summer and woodsy/spicey scents for the winter. Right now I am loving Victorias Secret Sexy Little Things Noir.

What are your hair care secrets?
I'm not too fussy with my hair. I use whatever shampoo/conditioner is in the shower. Every few weeks, though, I use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of any product buildup. I don't use much product to style. I use some Biosilk which I am told is almost exactly the same as CHI Silk Infusion. I let it air dry when I want to keep my natural waves and blow dry it straight when I want a more sleek look. I've weened myself off the straightening iron the passed few years. I only use it when I want to get kinks out of my hair.

How do you pamper yourself?
I give myself regular manicures and pedicures. When I really want to pamper myself, I'll take an entire afternoon off from everything else, and give myself a facial, soak in the tub, use all my lotions and potions--just really relax.

What is your beauty pet peeve?
It really bothers me when people wing out eyeliner wayyy too much. I hate lipstick on teeth. Chipped nails. Excessive glitter. Birds nest hair. Yucky feet. Too many things.

What would your desert island must haves be?
The highest SPF I can find (SPF 100 so far), mascara, a cream blush, concealer, and chapstick.

Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy?
Less is more and highlight your best features.

Update & Bad MAC experience

Sorry for my extended absence. It was in part due to me not having a camera (I loaned it to my brother weeks ago and he has yet to return it) and in part due to my laziness as it is summer break. Anyway, I should get my camera back this evening so another post will come along shortly.

I wanted to let you in on my experience today at MAC. As I was sitting around today, I felt the urge to go shopping. I have been in a blah mood lately and thought some makeup would lift my spirits. The closest MAC to me is a counter inside my local Macy's department store. The closest MAC store is about 20-25 minutes away, and while it isn't that far, my laziness prevailed and I ended up at the counter. I try to avoid this counter at all costs because, in my experience, the girls that work there are rude. Not only are they snotty and do act holier-than-thou, but they don't know much about the products they work around everyday. I know more about them and yet I always feel belittled when I go there. Today I wanted the Refined MSF from the Sugar Sweet collection (before it runs out and I can't get it anymore) and I had a back 2 mac so I wanted to get Creme Cup lipstick. When I asked for the MSF, she looked confused and asked if I wanted the Refined Golden bronzer. I said no and explained that I wanted the Refined Mineralized Skinfinish from Sugar Sweet. She looked at me annoyed and said, "Look honey, what do you want?". She spoke to me like an idiot. When I asked for Creme Cup, she said that nothing like that has ever existed. Um, excuse me? Yes, it does. She was adamant that it didn't and that I must have gotten the name wrong. Again I explained it to her and how I had just seen it on the website. Her response? "Then go order it." I've never wanted to slap someone so much. Total disrespect. And I am always shocked when fellow bloggers and youtubers tell stories about how sweet their MA's are. I have never had a nice one here. She then attempted to explain to me the difference between the counter and a freestanding store, which I had pointed out to her just minutes before. Needless to say, I am never going to buy anything from that MAC counter ever again. I will trek over the 25 minutes to the store where I am treated like a person.

Aside from my rant, I haven't any done major hauling because I am trying to be good during our recession and save. I do, however, have a little accessories and clothing haul. (H&M, Express, MAC, drugstore,etc.) I'll do a nice long post once I get my camera back.

How do your MA's treat you?

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Last week I ran out of my favorite body moisturizer Ca-Rezz.  Unfortunately, it isn't readily available in stores.  The only way I got my hands on it was because a family friends healthcare provider sent it to her.  While I have to wait for them to send her another bottle, I didn't want to have to wait too long since I have such dry skin.  While I was in CVS last week, I picked up a bottle of Palmer's Cocoa Butter.  I must say this smells delicious!  Just like chocolate, which I love!  A sinless way to indulge.  It is supposed to be deep conditioning and claims to reduce marks on skin.  While I've only been using it for a week, I've already noticed it to reduce dark spots I have on my legs. My skin feels really soft after use.  It is a bit heavy, but with the weather changing, my skin  gets even more dry than it usually is.  This definitely helps with that.  While I can't attest to it toning my skin yet, I will say that it is a moisturizer worth looking into.  I've picked up a few other lotions to test out, so be on the lookout for those reviews.  I'm trying to find a holy grail moisturizer.

Have you found a H.G. moisturizer?

Nails, Nails, Nails

You'll have to pardon my absence this week, ladies.  I've been ill since Monday and I'm only just now starting to recover.  For my return, I thought I'd jump in and join all the nail polish posts I've seen lately.  The following are all of my favorite nail polishes (largely OPI):

OPI's Dulce De Leche

OPI's Strawberry Margarita

OPI's Parlez-Vous OPI?

OPI's Paint My Moji-Toes Red

OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark

Essie's Berry Hard

Essie's Bachelorette Bash

Spending most of the week in bed, I decided to treat myself to a manicure (my kind of self-medicating haha).  I used OPI's Pink-ing of You as a base (a creamy cotton candy pink) and OPI's Tijuana Dance? (a sheer pink with pink and green duochrome) layered on top.  The effect is a bright, fun summery color.

I wish you could see the shimmery effect Tijuana Dance? gives.  It really is lovely.