Sunday, July 12, 2009


My good friend Vars let me play around with her hair and makeup the other night. I wanted to keep things soft and pretty. She is a gorgeous girl with or without makeup, but I'm glad she let me have a little fun! (She has already reserved me to do her wedding day makeup---whenever that is! haha)
For styling her hair, I used a regular curling iron the way you would use a conical iron. I believe it was a one inch iron, and I just wrapped the hair around the iron for a few seconds. I think used some Frederic Fekkai Wave Creating Spray to boost what we created. Nothing more than that..and the waves lasted well into the next night.

Whenever Vars comes around the house, I play makeup artist..hopefully, with her permission, I'll do a few more posts like this! Anything you'd like to see on her?


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