Saturday, June 27, 2009

Colour Craft

I haven't been too excited about the recent collections MAC has released. I keep looking back to just last year at collections I missed out on because I was still a relative newbie to the brand. Previously, my makeup collection consisted of more Estee Lauder, Lancome, Benefit.. brands my mother got me into. I would even venture to say that I hated MAC as a teenager. I always felt like it was too gimmicky. Having come full circle now, I must say I am tickled at the thought of Colour Craft.

I'm hoping to pick up the mineralized quads in Eccentricity and Odd Bits, MSFs in Cheeky Bronze and Porcelain Pink, the lipstick in Colour Crafted, and the 109 and 226 brushes. Granted, these are the ones that I'm almost absolutely positive will end up coming home with me. I can't wait to check out this collection in person!

USA Launch: July 9

What are you planning to pick up?


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