Saturday, June 27, 2009


As I was looking through some fellow bloggers CCO posts, it occurred to me-- quite frankly, my CCO sucks. I paid them a visit last month and was left unimpressed. It is nearly an hour away, the store is essentially the size of my bedroom, and is stocked with the most random products. I consider myself to be a MAC girl above all else, but their selection was painfully limited. Of the products they did have (almost no LE or brushes), all the colors stocked were way too wild. From crazy bright oranges to dramatic brown-reds, their lipsticks nearly sent me running for the hills (ditto for the glosses). They had a few mineralized blushes which are still in stores, so I wasn't sold on them. I was looking for more original products that I can't pick up anymore. There were a few bright colored eyeliners that didn't strike me. For eyes there were a couple of pigments, metal x shadows, and some boring eye shadows. No foundations, powders, MSFs, bronzers...nada. The only purchases I made were a pigment in Gold Stroke (a bronzey gold) and a lipstick in Ahoy There! (a pretty sheer baby pink- the only pink they had). Hey, at least I got something.

Where is a girl supposed to get her NeoSciFi/Moonbathe/Naughty Nauticals fix?
You lucky ladies have me jealous!


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