Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update & Bad MAC experience

Sorry for my extended absence. It was in part due to me not having a camera (I loaned it to my brother weeks ago and he has yet to return it) and in part due to my laziness as it is summer break. Anyway, I should get my camera back this evening so another post will come along shortly.

I wanted to let you in on my experience today at MAC. As I was sitting around today, I felt the urge to go shopping. I have been in a blah mood lately and thought some makeup would lift my spirits. The closest MAC to me is a counter inside my local Macy's department store. The closest MAC store is about 20-25 minutes away, and while it isn't that far, my laziness prevailed and I ended up at the counter. I try to avoid this counter at all costs because, in my experience, the girls that work there are rude. Not only are they snotty and do act holier-than-thou, but they don't know much about the products they work around everyday. I know more about them and yet I always feel belittled when I go there. Today I wanted the Refined MSF from the Sugar Sweet collection (before it runs out and I can't get it anymore) and I had a back 2 mac so I wanted to get Creme Cup lipstick. When I asked for the MSF, she looked confused and asked if I wanted the Refined Golden bronzer. I said no and explained that I wanted the Refined Mineralized Skinfinish from Sugar Sweet. She looked at me annoyed and said, "Look honey, what do you want?". She spoke to me like an idiot. When I asked for Creme Cup, she said that nothing like that has ever existed. Um, excuse me? Yes, it does. She was adamant that it didn't and that I must have gotten the name wrong. Again I explained it to her and how I had just seen it on the website. Her response? "Then go order it." I've never wanted to slap someone so much. Total disrespect. And I am always shocked when fellow bloggers and youtubers tell stories about how sweet their MA's are. I have never had a nice one here. She then attempted to explain to me the difference between the counter and a freestanding store, which I had pointed out to her just minutes before. Needless to say, I am never going to buy anything from that MAC counter ever again. I will trek over the 25 minutes to the store where I am treated like a person.

Aside from my rant, I haven't any done major hauling because I am trying to be good during our recession and save. I do, however, have a little accessories and clothing haul. (H&M, Express, MAC, drugstore,etc.) I'll do a nice long post once I get my camera back.

How do your MA's treat you?


lipstickrules123 said...

That sounds awful! You should write a letter to complain. I've had some bad counter experiences in the past but not that bad. I'm actually going to post about this too soon.

They should have treated you with more respect since you ARE the customer. But some people are just plain dumb. It's their loss.

Michelle (lipstickrules.blogspot.com)
I'm enjoying your blog. Come check out mine and hopefully follow too.

My Beauty Musings said...

Thanks so much for the compliment, Michelle. I'd love to see your post on the subject too!