Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I've been a bad girl

Lets take a look at my recent purchases. First comes makeup!

I picked up a new Blot Powder since mine finished so quickly. It really is a lovely product though--zaps shine without adding any noticeable color. I also love that it doesn't make my face look cakey as I reapply. I got my first Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks which I love. Its a baby pink with blue/purple glitter in it. I got a couple of the NYC sliders that recently came out. They give subtle color and stay on the lips for a decent amount of time. My favorite part, though, is the flavor. They are very sweet and smell like cotton candy! I finally got the Refined MSF even though the MA from my previous post almost put me off from getting it. It really is pretty, though. It gives a great peachy sheen to the cheeks. I also picked up some individual lashes (nothing special, but I use them on the ends of my eyes to get a Twiggy effect). The unmarked container is a sample of the Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer. While I don't use it for tattoos, it is great for concealing under-eye circles. You can only imagine how heavy duty it is if they use it to cover tats.

I got my first MAC eyeshadow palette and filled it with the colors I reach for most frequently. As I had a back2mac, I also picked up Cranberry e/s as I have been wanting it for so long. It is a beautiful warm cranberry that I have been using nonstop since I got it. The shadows in the palette are listed as follows:
Front Row: Shroom, All That Glitters, Wedge, Slip Pink, Girlie
Middle Row: Cranberry, Satin Taupe, Sable, Antiqued, Mulch
Last Row: Shale, Trax, Star Violet, Sketch, Carbon

I also picked up the MAC Just A Pinch gel blush from the Rose Romance collection. I love it. You only need a small amount to get a rosey glow and it is very buildable. I wanted to try the Maybelline Lash Stiletto so I picked that up too. Two coats of this stuff creates beautiful length and considerable thickness. I needed a new liquid liner because mine dried out and I have been dying to add clean, perfect flicks to my eyeliner. I got the Sephora brand liquid liner in black. It works really well for me. I'm by no means new to liquid liners, so I have a lot of control while working with it.

Two new perfumes I picked up are Victorias Secret Sexy Little Things Noir and Dejarose from the Rose Romance collection. Dejarose is a true rose scent and I love anything and everything that smells like roses. SLT Noir is a much deeper fruity/floral. It really does come across as a very sexy scent.

Next up were some accessories from H & M. I got this headband which actually looks quite scary before you put it on (it has massive teeth that grab your hair) but it gives incredible volume in the crown. Helen from HeleSays blogged about the exact same product and loved it.

I also picked up this dainty little bow headband ( I love bows!).

I also got this adorable bow necklace (did I mention I love bows?). Look at the cute detail at the closure!

Last but not least, I spotted this oversized black clutch with patent detailing from White House Black Market. I believe it was originally $60 but was marked down to$20. Great find!

What have you girls gotten lately?


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Dila said...

wowww great I love ur mac palette great colors :)